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Namhyo Kim    painter & designer


Nam Kim is a painter and designer based in Atlanta, Georgia. Although she is originally from South Korea, she has lived in Japan and the United States because she loves trying new things and experiencing different cultures. She earned her AA in graphic design from Tokyo Design Academy, Japan in 2009. Since 2016, she has lived and worked in Atlanta, where she earned her BFA in painting from The Savannah College of Art and Design.

Nam is interested in the relationships between people. A self-professed introvert,

she strives to overcome this trait through experiences in new environments. Her work represents the reality that is created from the connections people form out of necessity. It is her belief that people familiarize themselves with this deception from a young age through role-playing, like with paper dolls. Her work reflects this level of illusion in our society.

Recently, Nam explores painting through different brush stroke techniques and simplified subjects and color. She loves painting on cardboard due to the idea inspired by the paper dolls of her youth. Her artistic goal is to exhibit her works to people and interact with them. In the future, she would like to teach children for free in her own studio since she believes every child should be given an equal opportunity to reach their full potential.


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